Looking for 18+ Fantasy Role-players! (open)

Hello there~ I go by Lukas, or moon, I'm currently 19, and I identify as genderfluid. I am diagnosed with Dyslexia, which could be seen as an issue, though I have a text to speech reader that read me my replies before I send them, so I can properly fix any grammar/spelling issues.


I'm looking for someone to do a long term roleplay with, and someone who will be able to reply at least once a day (If you are going to be busy, just tell me, I don't bite, I promise)

I love fantasy and medieval styled roleplays very much. I'm not a big fan of modern scenes though (unless fantasy is involved), and will probably reject scene suggestions related.

If you aren't looking to do a romantic, nsfw roleplay, then I'm not the partner for you

I do like the nsfw parts of my roleplays, though I don't like 'sex' to be the main focus.

I can do F/F and M/F though I'm most confident in M/M roleplays.

I only do third person, since I believe it allows for the most detail, and I prefer you can match me in that sense.

My normal response length is one/two paragraphs, but they will be a bit shorter if our characters are having a conversation, or if a long response isn't needed (I will also try to match you)

Please contribute to building our characters and story, I don't want to be the only one building our little world.

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Looking for some sci-fi shenanigans!

looking for some long term sci-fi shenanigans!

Obligatory long post ahead warning: this post is quite long (in fact it’s a mega post in many ways) and I know it may be intimidating to some readers but please don’t let it put you off if you’d still like to rp with me :)

Hello ladies, gents and fellow rpers. After having to take an unexpected but necessary break from the wonderful world of rping I’m ready to dive back into the waters of writing and make some amazing stories with some new partners.
I’ve got a good ten or so odd years of rping experience under my belt but any potential partners do not necessarily have to have the same experience, they simply need to fit under these three things:

-third person only with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

- at least two small (no less than seven lines) paragraphs per post as well as being willing to write more if the situation calls for it. Please do not contact me intending to give me only small paragraphs with each response as the above is simply the bare minimum I’ll accept if there’s not much going on in the rp that warrants a full paragraph. I require detail too so please be aware of that as well.

-no one liners, one worders, script talk, poorly written sentences or just laziness in general.

This isn’t terribly much to ask for as picky as it sounds.

An important thing I shall mention is that NSFW (i don’t fade to black nor do I care when the smut happens. Just please don’t leave me once the smut has happened like lots of people seem to unfortunately do) and dark themes are a thing that occur in all my rp’s so I require you to at least be eighteen before you reach out to me. I will not accept anyone younger than 18 since I myself am in my early twenties. Underaged characters are also a no go as well. Please know that I’m in the eastern Australian time zone but almost any time zone Is compatible for me as I am awake at very odd hours. Another important thing I shall add is that you must be able to post at least once or more a day and if I don’t get any response after two weeks then I shall simply move on (only exception is if you notify me beforehand as to why you may not be able to post for a while. I’m not that vicious).

I only rp as male characters, as it’s simply my preference and I am open to MxM or MxF (with me as the male) pairings. I will not double and I do not play multiple characters. I don’t do sub/dom dynamics when it comes to any aspect of the relationship so it’s switch dynamics only for any relationships developed between the characters. My characters are also non-human (they’re aliens since this is a sci-fi rp after all) but what species your character is doesn’t matter to me at all as long as it’s not some god modded Mary Sue. Please remember that alien simply means a creature not from earth. Aliens can have fur, scales, feathers, etc, depending on where they come from. An alien with fur or scalies is not a furry or a scalie and please do not refer to them as such as it’s rude to label someone’s character as something they’re not. I will not write with someone who will insist that the theory of chimpanzees and humans unable to crossbreed should apply to hybrid characters regardless of whether they’re alien/alien or human/alien. This is fiction, not reality. Please also do not control my characters or dictate their actions. My characters are also premade and only have descriptions, I don’t do face claims or pics. I also do not care if you make a character up on the spot.

If you require realism or dislike fur on anything, even if it was simply to be a fur covered human, then I am not the rper for you.

Please remember that this is a sci-fi rp and that I will not accept requests to do fandoms or any genre that doesn’t fit within the category of sci-fi. i will not accept a character that has no place in a sci-fi rp either like a dragon,harpy,demon, elf or some other fantasy creature.

Start again:

Life isn’t an easy one way path. The choices one makes can lead them to either continuing following the path that people want them to, or make them stray from it. Some people seek to control their own destiny from the start whilst others let it be chosen for them. Very rarely does someone get the chance to pretend that all the things they did never happened nor that they mattered. Very rarely does someone get the chance to start over from scratch when all they worked hard for has crumbled to ruins. Very rarely do criminals get the chance to escape their past. When a hardened spacer, notorious for his crimes, ends up losing his rank and is stranded on a planet far away from where he is a wanted man, gets this chance to start again and let go of his past will he take it? Or will he continue doing the only thing he knows?

(Important point of notice: I will be the spacer, you will be someone who unknowingly helps him find his feet and a new purpose in his life.)

Last chance:

Nobody is perfect. It’s one of the simple facts of life that no one wants to hear yet knows is true before it’s even uttered. People broke. People got angry. People hurt others just so that others could see how they’d hurt them. As a member of the military space force one was expected to keep a reign on their temper at all times and not fall prey to the desire to give someone a taste of their own medicine. Second chances were not freely handed out after major incidents and many were not keen on taking the only one they got: being forced to work on a ship whose mission was to find the worst space criminals and take them into custody. Dubbed the graveyard shift, this was considered the one and only chance anyone who’d done more than just taking an extra helping of rations for themselves could take. What happens when a somewhat innocent soldier is sent to work on the graveyard ship and is captured by one of the very criminals they’re meant to be searching for?

(Important point of notice: I’d prefer to play as the soldier but I do not mind being the criminal either. Just tell me which one you’d like to be.)

The rebellion:

No one had ever believed the guards when they’d said the king of dameroen would attack the innocent planet of malgor. No one could’ve ever dreamed of the idea that their once happy home would be turned into just another part of the battlefield. No one had ever cried so much as the innocent people of malgor had when they’d been conquered by the dameroen king and watched as he put any who dared to say he was no king to death before their very eyes. Fifty years have passed since the day malgor was conquered and many have adjusted to their new lives asbest as circumstances allowed, hoping and praying for the chance that one day, someone will fight for their freedom and take back what belonged to them. Little did they know, that someone was just around the corner, waiting and biding their time till the day came to make malgor belong to their rightful owners again.

(Important point of notice: there’s many options for who can be what in this rp and I’m open to discussing them.)

The bonds of friendship and love:

A friendly rivalry was something that was almost unheard of at the space academy. Normally when it came to the serious stuff, it was every man and woman for themselves. Very rarely was there ever two people cheering each other on and encouraging the other to keep focusing on their studies in the hopes they graduated with high enough honours to become a captain of their own fleet or a squad leader. No one else knew the promise the pair had made to each other when they’d first declared their friendship, which was to make sure they would both end up either captains, squad leaders or simply crew mates, so that they wouldn’t have to leave the other behind. When only one cadet graduates with enough honours to be captain and the other is left behind, the delicate bond of friendship is severed for what seems to be forever. Can the two wayward souls find their spark again? Or are they doomed to be enemies forever more?

(Important point of notice: I would preferably like to play the cadet who doesn’t end up as the new captain but I’m more than happy to also play the cadet who does end up being the captain or something similar if that’s what we decide on.)

Not everything is as it seems:

In order to be considered a true criminal, one had to completely exempt themselves from the right side of the law. It wasn’t simply about not doing as one was told, kicking up a fuss or not sticking to the rules, it was about making the universe about yourself and yourself only. Even criminals were enemies to other criminals for ties to loyalty seldom existed between them. They could trust no one and no one could trust them. The alliance always had a big job on their hands dealing with the criminals powerful,enough to actually have friends. What happens when a criminal with a high reputation for chaos and destruction comes across an injured alliance soldier begging for help? Will they ignore their own code of conduct? Or leave them to the mercy of fate?

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the injured alliance soldier, you will be playing the criminal.)

All aboard the galactica!:

The galactica was a first class explorer ship led by only the greatest of military leaders and alliance figures. Many cadets dreamed of the day that they would one day either get to work onboard the ship whilst many more longed for the day that they’d be chosen as it’s next captain. To be the leader at the helm of the ship was considered the greatest honour and duty one could ever have befall them. Not everyone is content with having the responsibility of an entire fleet on their shoulders nor are the first few days, months or even years of being captain easy. To top it off, not everyone always agreed with the captains choice of their chosen protégé. As a wise man once said, one must be a follower before they could become a leader. When disaster strikes, will the remaining crew members be able to accept their new dynamic, or will it all fall to chaos?

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the character chosen to be the next captain of the galactica, you can either play as my character's rival or a friend who has turned a bit cold from jealousy. I’m also open to you being the one who was chosen to be the next captain.)

Precious one:

It was supposed to be a simple job with a end goal that would benefit just about everyone: escort the snobbish prince/princess of lektora to their new home on their betrotheds home world and return home to malgor to have a secret celebration with the other knights, guards and castle staff about how they’d be free to live in peace once more whilst the king and queen were too busy praising themselves for all they’d accomplished in life. Sadly, not everyone seems to be happy about the two main planets of power coming together as one and an unknown party has sought to stop it. What was once a simple journey to and from one place has become a quest that will cause views and hearts to change with each passing day and moment as two people fight to survive and figure out what went wrong before it’s too late.

(Important point of notice: I do not mind who plays what. Just let me know who you’d like to be :))

Academy days:

the galaxy alliance and military defence force academy was one of the most respected training academies in the known galaxies. Men, women, aliens, humans and all of those who were in between went there to study, train and, one day if they passed the mentally, emotionally and physically gruelling years of tests, fly and be put in their own squadron. There were approximately six spots to fill on any team and the cadet who suited that spot the most would be given the title of pilot, squad leader, second in command, engineer, gunner and navigator. Each team was similar but unique in what they did. Not everyone gets along though and rivalries grow high during that delicate time between graduating and being put on a team. What happens when the top student and the lonesome outcast with a temper clashes?

(Important point of notice: I’m also open to this being a story about new recruits on a space ship who still have a fair few things to learn before they can consider themselves official crew members.)

First day on the job:

Everyone at the space academy remembers graduation day. The day where they became recognised as the very things they strived to be whether it’s a pilot, an engineer, mechanic, a simple Jack of all trades or even a commander if they worked hard enough. Everyone also remembers the few days after the big Moment as well. Days where one is expected to take to whatever rank they’ve had bestowed upon them almost immediately and the responsibilities that came with it as if they’d been born to do it from day one. Some things are easier said than done though, especially when trouble finds ways to manifest in forms that many would not suspect to be of any cause for concern.

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the newly graduated commander of a small crew. You are free to play as either a crew member of any rank or even a trouble making character like a criminal or something similar that gives my character a run for their money. Possibilities are endless)

Runaway royalty:

The life of a Royal was simple yet complex at the same time. They were weighed on hand and foot and never had to lift a finger to do anything provided there was a maid or servant nearby willing to do whatever task it was the royal had for them. They were expected to grow into decent, respectable leaders who could ruler a planet fairly without struggle. For many royals, they were content to follow this regularly repeating path of “destiny” that their ancestors had set them on. All but one it seems. What happens when a sheltered prince takes their chance on the world beyond the walls of their castle for a chance to see the universe itself?

(Important point of notice: you will be playing the prince or princess. I’ll be playing the non Royal character they run into.)

Worlds apart:

War. War was a terrible thing that brought nations to their knees and saw many people lose their lives and freedom. Many people and aliens liked to think that all the major wars were over and done with, that they’d never have to relive the horrors that once fell upon them. To put it simply: if no one hears about bad happenings, then it’s not their problem that needs to be taken care of nor does it exist. Sadly, it does not seem to be the case for everyone. A stranger from a planet so far away that many do not believe it to exist turns up on the doorstep of an alien who is forced to realise that war could very well be just around the corner once more.


”there’s no such thing as a bad person. Only bad choices.” Is a saying that is older than time itself. For many who are forced into a position where they have no other choice but to put their morals aside and do as they’re told, this is all too true. A space farer is captured by criminals and forced to choose between death or working as the criminals captain’s personal assistant. That means every order has to be obeyed and every rule must be followed or consequences will be dealt by force. As time passes and life go ons, the captured spacer starts to see his predicament in a different light.

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the captured spacer. You will be playing the captain.)

Forbidden love:

aliens and humans are forbidden from associating with one another in any way that isn’t political. Whilst the two races have put aside enough of their differences to coexist in their own little pockets of space, not everyone is accepting of the idea that the two different species could live together as one, let alone ever simply just coexist peacefully together without insisting that alien planets and human planets are to be kept seperate. To trespass on the strictly human or alien occupied planets is a crime that few dare to commit. What starts out as a simple act of one sided rebellion and show of courage turns into an unanticipated adventure.

The hunter and the hunted:

bounty hunting was one of the few illegal professions in the galaxy that made any trouble you got into for participating in the act of killing or kidnapping someone for worth it depending on who it was you’d been given the task of tracking down. Many bounties were more profitable alive of course since it cut back on many of the legal troubles one could face if caught with a dead body. A galaxy renowned bounty hunter has been tasked with taking down one of the roughest and most wanted criminals known to man and alien with the orders to return them dead or alive. Will they succeed or fail like many before them have?

(Important point of notice: I shall be playing the criminal. You shall be playing the bounty hunter.)

Space criminals and the law:

humans and aliens have been living amongst each other side by side ever since humanity dared to venture beyond the Milky Way and made first contact with aliens. With the solar system no longer being man’s only playground other planets were quickly colonised under the new alliance between extraterrestrials and Homo sapiens. Whether you were an alien, human or a hybrid did not matter in the known galaxies. All that mattered was who you were. Not everyone took to the integration very well (there were numerous protests on both sides) but most people were willing to share in the hopes of peace. Not everyone had good intentions though……

Trouble in the alien kingdom:

the planet of (insert generic planet name here) was one of prosperity, hardship and wealth. The kingdom of (insert generic kingdom name here) was ruled by a king and a queen whose heir was betrothed to a rival planet in the hopes that a political marriage would prevent another war from happening. Only problem was that no one could see the rival planets true plans….all but one. Unfortunately no ones going to listen to a deranged commoner who probably may not even be telling the truth. What’s one to do when no one will listen?


The wind howled as thunder crashed and shrieked all around the abandoned cargo ship. Rain pelted the metal hull, turning the ground into a cold, treacherously slippery and muddy shallow river. The ship itself had crashed into the planet countless centuries ago and was slowly being reclaimed by the environment. Plants grew from cracks in the floor as moss and vines decorated the walls. A figure sat miserably hunched in what was once the cockpit of the ship, their only shelter from the raging elements outside but not from the storm that raged inside of them. The figure leapt to their feet as the sounds of footsteps in the mud drew closer and they held their breath. Who would dare to venture out here on such a miserable night?

War of the worlds:

humans and aliens were never meant to coexist peacefully with one another. There was too much fear, Too much misinformation and too much bias on both sides for such a thing to have ever been successful. It was the humans fault that the war had started. They were the ones who’d shot down the alien ship that had been packed with specially chosen diplomats that represented each alien race known to the galaxies they dwelled in that had been on their way to earth to negotiate a truce and a plan for peace. They hadn’t even hesitated to shoot the ship full of aliens yet they’d been surprised when war had been declared on the spot. Two races. Two worlds so different yet the same fighting one another for what was either a mistake or intentional murder.


The UGWP alliance (unite the galaxies for the protection of all worlds and for peace alliance) portrayed themselves as calm, charismatic and kind men and women who held only the thoughts of a life together with all species living happily together. They advertised campaigns for inter species jobs, provided information to the public about human/alien interactions and encouraged diversity amongst planets. Their rehabilitation program for troublesome fellows was considered to be a god send to try and cut down on the amount of space related crimes. No one ever questioned what went on beyond the closed doors to the facility, if they did, the UGWP would have their darkest secrets revealed. Something they strove to keep under wraps. When the arrival of a particularly wild prisoner occurs, the threat of their first failure and first escaped prisoner is lurking around the corner.

(Important point of notice: in this rp idea I’d be playing said prisoner, I don’t mind if you choose to be one as well.)


Space criminals have been around ever since advanced technology allowed others to travel and live in space as if they were living anywhere else. They’re often cunning, tricky to catch and more often than not are clever at disguising themselves whenever those wanted posters come up. It takes skill to be on the wrong side of space law and true talent to get away with it. The galaxy's current most wanted man has finally been captured by an alliance captain and his crew. Will he beg for mercy? Will he be given a trial before being thrown into a cell to rot or will he be given a chance to turn himself around with some hard labour?

(Important point of notice: I’ll be playing the criminal for this one. You will be the alliance captain)


imagine living the life of one of the most successful people on the run that could exist. Galaxies trembled at your name. You and your crew swam in wealth and the going was good. Mutiny, sadly and sometimes not sadly, exists on its own accord. One man reflected on this as he was forced to his feet. A collar attached to a chain and electromagnetic handcuffs prevented his escape as he stood for all those who cared to glance as they walked by in the market to see. No one wants to have their only life’s purpose to be to serve another......only sometimes people don’t get that choice.

(Important point of notice: I’ll be playing the slave/servant. You’ll be the master/mistress.this is one of my cravings but of course, it’s readers choice as to which idea we do : ) )


for as long as there has been civilisation and leaders, there has been arranged marriages. Arranged marriages, or betrothals as they were more often called, consisted of pairing two people together and making them get married in order to secure ties to another land or another planet. Political marriages benefited everyone but the married pair it always seemed. After all, you couldn’t possibly be happy being married to a complete and utter stranger? How does one who is betrothed build a life of love and prosperity when the one who bears the rings of their union is not the one who also bears their heart?

(Important point of notice: this can go two ways, either our characters are betrothed to each other or one character is betrothed. The idea has endless possibilities)


march 18th in the year of 6079 was the day that the aliens invaded earth. They’d been planning the take over for some time as they came prepared and easily took out Earth’s defence forces. No one knows exactly why the extraterrestrial beings from the outer worlds came to the humble blue and green planet the humans had existed on for millions of years nor did they seem to have any true intentions known other than conquering the planet and taking it for their own. This has led to the belief that all aliens must be the cruel monsters the humans stories have made them out to be. What happens when the actions of one alien puts that to the test?

(Important point of notice: I’m open to having this idea turned around and having the humans invade an alien world to take over.)

The chosen:

The galaxy alliance had chosen its newest crew to serve and protect the known galaxies. Five young cadets who’d graduated at the top of their classes and would hopefully mark the start of a new generation of spacers and heroes. The leader of the new crew has yet to be decided and tensions are high because of this. Can differences be put aside and acceptance shown? Or will nothing but chaos ensue?

The Walking wounded:

when one worked as a galaxy defence force member, they were on the frontline of everything. Every battle. Every loss. Every victory. Every struggle that the force went through they had to be there and follow the rules. You could not kill an unarmed person regardless of whether they were hostile or not. You could not turn down a plea for help even when there was reasons to suspect something was amiss. In simple terms: you simply couldn’t do anything that would make your morals be questioned. What happens when even the captain says to leave all those rules and everything you were taught by the door when faced with someone who seems to be the exception to the rule. What’s the right thing to do not by them but the entire galaxy?


the galaxies were once a place of freedom and exploration. A place where you had no limits as to where you wanted to go. Now thanks to new laws, permits are required to access certain systems, quadrants and galaxies. Problem is, this permit is unobtainable by the average civilian so many have taken to learning the art of boarding another’s ship and hoping for the best. Discovery is more or less a matter of life and death. What happens when someone is unfortunate enough to be discovered?


aliens. Aliens were terrifying beasts that were the monster in every bedtime story the humans told their children to keep them home at night. Many mothers wept when their sons and daughters applied to the space military in order to keep the extra terrestrial scum away from the galaxies they’d claimed as their own. When a human ship crashes on an alien world so far away from human civilisation it may as well not exist to the aliens and a crew member is found lost and alone by a wandering alien, will their fate be decided by a monster? Or a benevolent being?

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the alien in this scenario. I’m also open to the characters situations being swapped around so it’s the alien who crashes.)

On the run:

even on the most modern of planets, life on the lamb can be difficult. There’s authorities to avoid and even more rules to break in the game of survival. No one takes pity on those who have done wrong to the point that they have their face in the paper. Even if it’s not your fault will anyone give you shelter from the harsh cold winds of reality and a biased opinion. What happens when someone does take a chance on a poor wayfaring stranger? Will the wrong doer be turned in or given a new lease on life?


when one entered the royal guard they took upon themselves an oath that bound them by blood and courage to the dedication of the protection of their king, queen and the kingdoms heirs. They were sworn to protect them from any harm whilst at the same time not allowed to use their position or power to hurt anyone else. When one breaks that oath, they are sent away in disgrace and branded as a traitor who must swear to never return. Life on the run changes people, sometimes for the better.....or for worse.

Space pirates and nobles:

space was a vast starry and endless sea that many voyaged across for the purpose of research, leisure or finding ones destiny. Like any real ocean, it was filled with dangers. The most feared of all was space pirates. Bands of blood thirsty cut throats and scandalous troublemakers whose sole pleasure in life was to steal, kill and take others prisoner against their will. Only pirates dare to do what other criminals would not. When a merchant ship is robbed by pirates what fate will befall the nobles onboard?

Healing wounds, growing love:

winter on the planet of malgor is one that is feared for its extreme weather. Snowstorms could appear out of nowhere and many a traveller had frozen to death whilst trying to make their way from one village to another. It was also a time where people were at their most vulnerable, relying on the winter harvest to feed every mouth that had been born and raised in the kingdom meant no mercy was spared for poor wayfaring strangers. When a kind soul finds a wounded outcast and decides to bring them home, they discover a threat that’s lurking just beyond the borders of their place of protection.

The knight and the heir:

royals could be spoilt. There was no denying that. A life of good food, wealth, the knowledge that they’d be pampered and weighed on hand and foot by servants was more than enough to turn even the most well mannered child into an insufferable brat. The knights tasked with the protection of the future royals knew this all too well. What happens when one particularly gruff, no nonsense knight refuses to bow to the whim of their future ruler and shows them what it means to be a true leader?

The last of a dying breed:

long ago, in a time when nobles, governments and space Pirates ruled the starry seas of space, there was a terrifying race of aliens that were considered to be the most dangerous creatures to have ever lived. When the great wars started up again due to rising tensions, the humans destroyed the planet these aliens lived on to ensure the battlefield was even. The aliens were furious at the death of an entire race and very quickly turned each and every human occupied planet into a warzone littered with their bases and encampments. Only in very small pockets of the universe does this war not exist. What happens when the last member of the species shows up on a small backwater planet?

(Important point of notice: I will be playing the alien who is the last of their kind, you are free to play as a human or the story can be made to suite a scenario where you are also an alien.)

Harden my heart:

once upon a time, there was two friends who were the best of friends that anyone could have ever seen. Two people who had each other’s backs through thick and thin. Two people who supported each other endlessly even if their morals weren’t entirely inline with each other’s. Two friends who swore to never leave each other’s sides. Alas with the time of great growing came changes, the two friends bond had severed and they’d gone their separate ways in life. What happens when they run into each other many years later?

(This idea is one open to brainstorming, anything is possible.)

captain on deck!:

captains weren’t meant to fall in love with their subordinates. They were supposed to be well refined leaders who only mingled with those of a similar status. They represented the people they worked for after all, therefore they had an image that had to be strictly maintained towards the public in order to not be disgraced in any form. Behind closed doors however…..feelings were allowed to be a little more free. Secret lovers were frowned upon but one could take the risk if they were careful. After all, the captains word was law.

yes sir!:

order.serve.fight.lead.mourn.sleep.eat.rethink your life choices and repeat. Such was the ways of a military lifestyle on a world where war seemed to be a permanent occurrence and the leaders of every world trying their best to outspite one another with their relentless attacks that it made one think of how they could improve the boring daily routine they endured each and every day. In the army, you have to be tough if you want to be a leader. You had to be charismatic, strong, cold, incapable of doing anything that would sway you to possibly turn the other cheek and let your comrades be hurt. However, even the most stoic and battle hardened leaders can get lonely despite the fact that attachments to ones comrades outside of anything but friendship are forbidden by an unspoken law.

I need you:

space is a cruel mistress to even those who are experienced with charting her waters. Space, although beautiful, is often the grave of many brave explorers, soldiers and other space faring strangers. When a stranger comes to scavenge parts from a newly crashed ship in the hopes of finding something useful, they come across a familiar face. Old feelings stir and clash with one another when the crash’s survivor awakens and finds out who their rescuer is.

Sooooo..... about those pairings. Whatever has two stars next to it is what I’m going to play if we choose the scenario:

1: enemies to lovers or rivals.

2: **captured criminal** x prison guard or other prisoner.

3: two soldiers from seperate sides falling in love.

4:**low ranking ship crew member/second in command/captured space criminal** x captain.

5: **commoner/rogue/knight/street rat** x prince/princess/king/queen

6: **slave/servant** x master

7: army superior x **lower ranking soldier**

8: married person X unmarried person

9: stowaway x captain

10: nurse x **injured soldier**

11: human x **alien**

12: human x **alien**

13: bully x **victim**

14: old lovers/friends finding each other again/learning to love again after a rift in their relationship.

15: **alliance captain/commander/crew member** x space criminal.




I’m open to discussing and potentially mixing these ideas up till we get something that we both like. If you want to learn more about a certain idea tell me the name and I shall expand on it.

The only platforms I rp on are discord currently but I can be persuaded to rp on Google chat if discord is not an option, I don’t use telegram anymore. I will not rp on any other platform other than the ones listed (though I do not mind people reaching out to me via email for rp requests but I will not rp on email. Be warned I may take a while to get back to you if you choose to reach out to me this way). If you do not have any of those then unfortunately we cannot rp. When you reach out to me requesting for an rp In the opening message tell me what idea you liked, why you liked it and give me a little introduction about you and you must put 123 somewhere in your message so that I know you’ve read all of my post. If you do not put those things in the opening message then I will not rp with you, don’t just put “hi wanna rp”. Make it interesting.

My discord: Tiberionwars#6187

My Gmail: lleo52560@gmail.com

Can't wait to rp with anyone interested!

HDM, Skyrim, Witcher, PJO OCs or OC/Canon

Heya! I'm PK, looking for either OC/Canon or OC/OC lines. Generally I prefer OC/OC but I've realized that I'm actually much more into the idea of OC/Canon if it's M/M or F/F! I only write non-M/M and F/F pairings, either OC/OC or OC/Canon, so keep that in mind.

I like my romance with a heavy dash of plot, so I prefer to write plot-heavy lines. I like drama and heavy stakes!

Looking to write either just OCs in Canon settings or OC/Canon for: His Dark Materials, Skyrim, or The Witcher.

Also willing a Percy Jackson setting, but only with OCs and very removed from stuff that's been treaded in canon! That'll be strictly adult demigods and life outside of camp entirely.

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Scott Pilgrim Romance Roleplay!

Hello there! You can call me Autumn! Today I’m hoping to find more people who enjoy the Scott Pilgrim comic universe as much as I do! I’d like to bounce ideas around and ideally find someone with GM/DM experience, though this isn’t mandatory. I’m hoping to try an OCxCanon idea set after the events of the last book, though we’d both be dividing up the main characters and including other story lines, and I am more than happy to double up if needed or think of something else! Please note that this will be based around the comics, not the movie. In terms of characters I play most often, I’d say I have a strong grasp on Ramona, Kim and Knives, though I’m happy to pick up others as we see fit! Also feel free to add in any of your own original characters as well!

**(All characters will be aged 20+)**

1. Please be literate. No text talk or bad grammar (minus OOC chatting). 3rd person only. I don’t expect massive novella responses, but your replies should be detailed and show effort.
2. Please be relatively active. I understand we all have busy lives, however if you ghost or aren’t around for long periods of time, I am not the partner for you. If you aren’t feeling our plot or want to part ways, just communicate! I also sometimes have a terrible memory, so if it’s been more than a few days, (politely) nudge me!
3. Because every plot will be 20+, I am asking that you also be 20+ (I am 18+ and all participants and characters must also be 18+). When you reach out me, your age should be present somewhere in your opening message.
4. Please make your introduction more than “hi”, “wanna rp” etc. Your opening message should state where you are coming from, your age, what you are interested in, writing samples (not required, but certainly a bonus) etc. Messages with little effort will be ignored.
5. The particular pairing I’d like to do off the bat is MxM. For this reason, please be comfortable with playing those roles. I am more than happy to include any and all other gender pairings for yours/in any plots we decide on!
6. Let’s have fun and be friends! Let’s chat OOC and talk about our days! As much as I love roleplaying, I love getting to know my partners as well!

And I think that about covers it! If you’re interested, please shoot me a DM over on discord! GraceofStorms#1051

An uncommon search

So as title stated looking for a celebrity fan rp. I will happily double as any one you ask as long as I have heard of them. Please be over 18. Give me something to work with. Don't be rude. And really that is it.

My email is roleplaysneeded13@gmail.com

my discord is katybug1314#5128

Craving Rp’s!

.˚☎️ᵎ┊͙𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮 & 𝙧𝙪𝙡𝙚𝙨
               ─────── .° ❁ ˎˊ˗
❛ 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗺𝗲 ❜
⌲ 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘮𝘦
So, a little bit about me: I am 20 years old and a university student as well as proud cat mum. I have been roleplaying for a very very long time, I believe since I was 10? I don’t remember myself. I am a bit awkward with introductions and stuff, so….let’s just get into the important things!

❛ 𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗱𝝾𝗺 ❜
⌲ 𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒐𝒎
Fandom wise, I accept both AU versions and Canon versions but with changes of our own of course. So,...I have a few cravings and I will mark each fandom with an "*". With one * standing for Normal craving. With two ** standing for Big craving. And with three *** standing for VERY ULTRA MEGA BIG craving. I have also decided to put slots for every roleplay, which you will notice in a parentheses, it will be from a scale of 1 to 5, and if it is 5/5 then that means that there is no more availability to the said roleplay. I will also be listing who I would like for you to play for me and in return if you wanna double I'll play whoever you want!
《 Final Fantasy XV 》Noctis Lucis Caelum * (0/5)
《 Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 》Sasuke Uchiha or Neji Hyuga * (1/5)
《 Avatar the Last Airbender 》Prince Zuko ** (0/5)
《 Peaky Blinders 》 Thomas Michael Shelby ** (0/5)
《 Harry Potter 》Draco Lucius Malfoy *** (1/5)
《 Stranger Things 》Billy Hargrove *** (0/5)
《 Genshin Impact 》Zhongli * (0/5)

❛ 𝗿𝘂𝗹𝗲𝘀 ❜
⌲ 𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝝄𝒏𝒆
I never roleplay with one-liners. I feel as if I am being robbed of a better response. If I do not get the detail needed or more information on what's going on with your character, I don't know how to react. Please, do not get offended if I ask for more from a response you give me! I'm guilty of this too, so ask if you need more from me! My writing style is usually Semi Lit, Lit or Adv Lit, depending on my partner.

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒘𝝄
I need a detailed character layout before we start the roleplay. Everything I say or respond with is based on who your character is, not just who my character is. Your character is just as important as a factor on replies as mine is!

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒆
My life can become hella hectic sometimes, however, I will never leave you hanging for a reply. I will tell you what’s going on and let you know when I’ll be back so that we can continue. And the same goes for you!

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒇𝒐𝒖𝒓
I don’t only do one kind of genre, I like to add in more so that the story is being kept alive. We will have romance, action, mystery, etc all in one so that we can keep the roleplay alive otherwise it will die. Also, beware that I roleplay with individuals over 18+ as I add a lot of NSFW content such as drugs, mafia, guns, alcohol, etc. And finally, I only write in 3rd person.

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒇𝒊𝙫𝒆
Do not rush me into a response. Thinking of a good reply is very important to me and might take a while. If you feel I've just bugged out, send me a little message. Though that does not mean tell me to hurry up or that I'm taking too long.

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒊𝒙
Regarding pairings, here it depends. If we are going to do a 1x1 roleplay I only do FxM and I am playing the female role. Sorry.
If we are going to do a Doubling roleplay I can do both FxM and FxF.
Regarding Fandom roleplays, I only do CanonxOc.

𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒆𝙫𝒆𝒏
I do smut, and I like adding it into my roleplays, however, if my partners prefer to fade to black, I don’t mind. We can either fade to black or write out the smut scenes. Beware though, I do not ONLY roleplay smut. I will only write it out if the story itself leads to it.

❛ 𝗱𝗼'𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁'𝘀 ❜
⌲ 𝒅𝒐'𝒔
↻ Be 18+
↻ Develop the plot with me and contribute. This means as we are making the plot and roleplaying. I will not be the only one carrying the plot out.
↻ Match the amount I am roleplaying with. This means give me the same amount of information to build off of that I give you.
↻ Tell me when you're leaving or can't reply for awhile. Also tell me when you're back so that we can continue.
↻ Let’s try to build a connection! So that everything is more smooth and friendlier.

⌲ 𝒅𝝄𝒏𝒕’𝒔
↻ Message me if your only purpose of roleplay is strictly smut.
↻ Attempt to just branch off what I say and only give reactions. I cannot carry the weight of the roleplay all on my own. This causes me to become frustrated and annoyed with the roleplay.
↻ Reply with something that gives me nothing to reply with. That's how a roleplay dies.
↻ Randomly leave and expect me to not be confused and annoyed. Understand I'm impatient when I think you're ignoring me. Even if you just don't want to reply, tell me.

I Roleplay on Discord but I prefer being reached out on gmail first↷┊ amethystdarkmmon@gmail.com ! ༉‧₊˚

seeking a billy hargrove — round two!

whew, it’s been a while! the name’s clo. i’m an 18+ gal (she/her) who’s been rping on and off for, jeez, probably at least six years now. i haven’t sought a partner nor participated in anything rp related in probably close to a year now-- some unforeseen circumstances prevented me from writing for a good long time. i honestly didn’t think i’d ever seek an rp again; i’ve since become a dedicated long-form fanfiction writer for a number of fandoms. but hey! sometimes the cravings just strike and you get desperate for a good story. i am insatiably hyperfixated on stranger things right now, so that’s what this ad is about. so, let’s get right into it.

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City of Cygnus (A Modern Fantasy)


-Twenty-nine year old female seeking literate partners 25+.

-New to world building and wanting to give it a try.

-Romance based. Soulmates? Of course. Partner swaps (including cheating)? Hell yeah. Fuck buddies? Why not. Something platonic? Sure.

-Primarily MxM with MxF and FxF mixed in. I have two characters I will be playing. They’re a packaged deal and non negotiable. You like one but not the other? Pass. You dislike both but still would like to RP? Nah.

-I average 1,000 words but prefer quality to quantity.

-Google Docs or Email. Discord to chat.

Full Ad: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JtSSFw9gGPHBYbIyB-TtATrq9GSIeuqfs7Uzo89Iqdw/edit

Looking for Semi Literate Rp Partner

Looking for Semi literate partners!!

~ Searching for new partners that are interested in fandom roleplay!

~ Doubling is okay! (OC x CANON) I encourage it since it becomes quite tedious to be restricted to one characters path, but I also do encourage Oc x Oc since it’s also fun.

~ I would love to do an AU roleplay solely due to the fact that- it gives more expansion on the Roleplay and makes one think more about each response.

~ Responses are usual consistent. 1-3 times an hour depends on length, if it’s longer 1 time an hour! But I’ll always reply and if not it’s okay to send a tap to let me know!

≈I have recently been into games such as Detroit become human and Heavy Rain! Those two are perhaps my two favorite games by far! Anime/Cartoon/Manga wise it will all be in my Google docs!

≈I roleplay a range of pairings… BxB, GxG, and GxB. Settings- Futuristic, prehistoric, modern, etc. Anything that my partner may bring I will happily do!

Please check out my Google Docs- It consists of everything else, and potential ideas I have.

•Contact me at my discord or Kik!

D: ∂α∂∂у#5366
Kik: E_Joonie